APRIL 2020
APRIL 2020
​Date : April

In an effort to control the outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Shanghai, the local government has announced plans to restrict movement for certain areas from March 28 through to April 5 – specifically:
• Highway entrances and exits and tunnels are CLOSED for Pudong District from March 28 to April 1. Puxi area will be CLOSED from April 1-5.
• Trucks from neighboring cities are able to enter Shanghai (except Pudong District) with truckers’ 48-hour nucleic acid test report. Please pay attention to the cutoff time for pickup. Trucks might be prohibited to exit from Shanghai – this action will be implemented from March 28 through to April 5.
• Ocean Export: Before 12am on March 28, trucks are allowed to pass with truckers’ 48-hour nucleic acid test report with valid "Shanghai Port EIR APP" showing current working assignment in Shanghai.
• Ocean Import: FCL import shipments are operating as normal in Shanghai, but delivery to other areas is subject to the destined cities’ policy. For LCL import shipments, warehouses in Shanghai Pudong are closed, but cargo can be picked up at the Puxi consolidation warehouse.
• Air Export: Due to strict control on trucks entering Shanghai, shipments may be delayed or miss their planned flights.
• Air Import: Air cargo terminal and import bonded warehouses are operating as normal. Expect some delays due to staffing shortages.
• Customs inspections are affected to some capacity, although it remains unclear to what extent.
• Cargo is expected to ship to neighboring cities and other air hubs. Freight rates will increase accordingly. Space has to be confirmed on a case-by-case basis.
According to the latest update from pandemic prevention & control entities, the Shenzhen government announced public transport has resumed and citizens have returned to work. Air and sea port operations have returned to normal.
Shekou Container Terminal (SCT), Chiwan Container Terminal(CCT)/MCT to receive laden containers for the vessel within ETB -4 days. Yantian International Container Terminal to receive laden containers for the vessel within ETB -7 days. This measure will be implemented from March 28 until further notice. .According to the notice from China Airlines, there are some flight cancellations toward FRA/MXP/LHR effective March 28.
All booked shipments are expected to be delayed so as to clear the previous backlog. Space and freight rates are to be confirmed upon flight departure. There will likely be delays for your ongoing shipments this week.
Please inform us in advance if you have any urgent shipments so we may work out a suitable solution for you. Our team is operating as normal, and will do our best to keep you informed of any further changes.
Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your business and your partnership as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times.

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